The red and white check of the Keffiyeh which is the traditional head dress (as seen on our boy hand puppets) is a symbol of Arab pride and is easily associated with the Middle East and Jordan. The other colours that we will us are green and black which along with red and white are the colours of the Jordanian flag.

Some of our items are made with the specific red and white check material that is used to make Keffiyeh.

We want our products to have a “touch of Jordan” to them so that you will have your very own Piece of Jordan.

As we use recycled fabrics where ever possible the type of materials and colours will vary from item to item. You are purchasing a unique, locally made product from a local artist using recycled and re-purposed materials. .

If there is a specific colour that you would like please contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Yes we do, but the you as the buyer will be subject to the exchange rate costs and any other costs that your local financial provider might charge. All exchange rates will be as per the exchange rate for the US dollar as this is a fixed rate. 1 JD equals 0.7 US dollars.
Yes we do, but you as the buyer will be subject to the shipping costs. We will let you know before you complete your order what these costs would be so that you can make an informed decision.
All items are made locally here in Wadi Musa by members of the community. You are supporting a local artist and receiving a handmade, unique item.
We will certainly do our best to fulfill customised orders. Please contact us to let us know your requests.