Petra Community Program

The Petra community has for some years now seen a dramatic fall in the number of tourists visiting the area, for a town that for so long has relied on tourism for its livelihood, times are understandably tough. Alongside this, we have also had a increase of refugees in the area. It is important to us that the work we do makes a difference in our town. Our Petra Community Program will continue to expand as we identify the needs of the people and discover new routes to improve and develop areas of the Petra community.

When you contribute to our Petra Community Program we will:

  • Create food packages and distribute them out to those who are in need of support in our town.
  • Create clothing packages to supply to our community.

We know that when you come on holiday suitcase space is often an issue, however, if you do find yourself with any room and have any clothes you no longer need we would be very appreciative of donations.


Thank you for helping us make a difference in the Petra community.