Individuals and groups from near or far,
We will always welcome them whoever they are.
Each morning we will open for women to shine
Creating and learning a new skill at a time.
After school and on weekends, the children flood in
The space is their playground to have fun and be free in.
Those wizened in years have knowledge to pass,
Valuable heritage and traditions we will ensure they will last
When people come travelling we open our door
For learning, handicrafts and wonderful food galore.
Bringing together anyone who answers the call
At a piece of Jordan we have it all.

Although construction of the Petra Community Centre and Cafe has been delayed, our plans remain the same and we remain determined – we just have to wait patiently in the meanwhile.

When the Petra Community Centre and Cafe opens it will be a place open both the community and visitors. The Petra Community Centre will be a place that hosts workshops for women and children in arts and crafts, languages, health, education, environment and much more. The Petra Community Centre will offer a space for women to come and socialise, learn and dream.

Whilst we are busy applying for funding for the Petra Community Centre we hope to find a suitable location to begin our workshops.