Jordanian Culture Tours

Experience true Jordanian culture, go beyond the traditional tourist routes and meet the people themselves.

With the unrest in the Middle East and the media coverage of the area, Jordan often gets painted with the same brush.  A Piece of Jordan wants you to know the real Jordan, the Jordan where people of all faiths live together, a Jordan that welcomes visitors from all walks of life and ensures they feel at home.

Jordanian culture is famous for its hospitality and our Jordanian Culture Tours will take you into the homes and hearts of the local people. Along side exploring sites such as Petra, Wadi Rum and Amman you will get the chance to experience Jordanian culture at its best – sit and eat with local families, learn how to cook traditional breads or meals and see Jordan through the eyes of the locals.


Our Jordanian Culture Tours aim to help encourage cross cultural exchange, the sharing of knowledge and make friendships that will help create a more understanding and loving world.

We are determined to make every trip with us count, so, for every Jordanian Culture Tour booked with us we will donate 10% of the profit to our Petra Community project. The money donated will help provide food packages for those in need.(Find out other ways you can get involved over at our Petra Community Page)

Jordan is a country bursting with things to see and do, the below itinerary is just an example of what we can create for you. There is the possibility to include home stays, cooking  and craft workshops, hiking adventures, nature trips and much more. We want you to explore your piece of Jordan the way you want.  When you contact us will we will work with you to create a tailor made program to suit you, your interests and your time frame.


Example Itinerary – Jordanian Culture Tours

Day 1: Start your  holiday in Jordan by arriving in Jordans capital, Amman. After a long journey you guide will be there to welcome you at the airport, offer you any assistance you may need and take you into the city. Amman was originally build on 7 hills and as you enter the outskirts of the capital this terrain will allow you see the city for miles. Amman is a modern city, ever growing and rejuvenating, full of cafes, galleries and commerce it is a city that never sleeps. Let your guide show you some of Ammans best eating spots to enjoy dinner and then head to your your hotel for the night.

Day 2: After a relaxing breakfast, meet you guide for a day exploring Amman. Whilst Amman is seen as a modern city there are some historical and cultural gems among the new high rise developments. Head to downtown Amman, once the area of the entire city it is now considered the historical root and is is a wonderful place to begin to understand Jordan.

Begin by venturing to Ammans highest hill (850m above sea level) where the citadel is located, surrounded by a 1700m-long wall with stunning view across the city this ancient site offers plenty to see. Occupied since the Bronze Age, some of the most striking sites are the Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace.

Your next stop on your holiday in Jordan will be Amman’s Roman amphitheater, with 6,000 seats this second century Roman Amphitheater is understandable one of Ammans most famous landmarks. Wonder through the hussle and bussle of downtown Amman, with its bright colours, the shouts of street vendors and the ability to find pretty much anything you are looking for, it is an area that engages all the senses. Enjoy lunch in the area before heading to cobble stoned Rainbow Street, a much quieter district then downtown, the area is abundant with cafes and galleries. Here is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a traditional coffee or tea and dessert.


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After a wonderful day in Amman, a short drive out of the city will find you in Dibeen, a beautiful forest and nature reserve in the north of Jordan. Stopping for dinner along the way, you will spend the night in a family run eco farm house.
Day 3: The farm house is the home to an array of livestock, chickens, goats, ducks and geese to name some. Enjoy a simple organic breakfast at the farmhouse before spending the morning exploring the farm. This unique family run farm aim to show people how important simple, organic and sustainable living is.  Choose from lending your hand with the current harvest, hike around the surrounding area, help the shepherd with his sheep and much more. A simple picnic lunch will be provided for you to enjoy.


After lunch take a short drive to Jaresh. Just outside of the modern city of Jaresh lies the ruins of the
walled Greco-Roman settlement of Gerasa. The ancient city was founded by Alexander the Great in 331BC. After a strong earthquake destroyed the ancient city, it remained buried until its rediscovery in 1806.

Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant before heading back to the farmhouse for a restful night sleep.
Day 4: After breakfast it is time to say goodbye to the farm and make the journey down south to Petra. You will
have time to relax at your hotel before heading out to learn how to make shrak bread, a paper thin bread used in many of Jordans most traditional meals. After watching the skillfulness of your host, it will be time for you to give it a go. Sit down with your host and their family and enjoy dinner together with your freshly baked bread.
Day 5:  Today you will get to experience one of the new 7 wonders of the world.  Enter Petra by the Siq and come face to face with al Khaznah (the Treasury).  A local guide is included for 2-3 hours and after you can continue to discover this impressive big site by yourself. a picnic lunch will be provided. The afternoon will be yours to relax and explore
the town. Tonight dinner will be hosted by a local family.
094 2005-10-16 Petra - the Monastery



Day 6:15 minuets drive from the town of Wadi Musa will bring you to Bedha – here you will begin a morning hike via Petra’s back entrance. A route off the beaten track leading to Petras monastary, an awe-inspiring monument some 50 square metres in size. Stop to have glass of fresh fruit juice and take in the site before heading back down the mountain via a different route. leading you to the main entrance. Make your way to your hotel for the afternoon, rest, explore the town and enjoy dinner in the busy market place.





Day 7 Before leaving Petra you will have the choice to either hike or horse ride up to Al Hay. Situation just north of Petra, Al Hay is the location on an old village. In the past these beautiful stone buildings were used by the people of Wadi Musa in the summer months as being higher up it isn’t as hot. When you reach Al Hay, enjoy a simple lunch with your host.

After lunch head further south to the what is known as the Valley of the Moon. Wadi Rum, is Jordans largest
valley and is a dessert with a sense of timelessness. Enjoy a jeep tour of the area before heading to your campsite for dinner and a night under the stars.

Day 7: This morning you will head to the Dead Sea to enjoy a day of swimming (and floating!) on the last day of
your Jordanian Culture Tour in Jordan.


017 2005-10-11 Sunset over the Dead Sea

Day 8: Say goodbye to your guide and to Jordan – it is time to head home!


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