We often get asked the question – “I have young kids, is a family holiday in Jordan possible?” – our answer… a very big yes!

Your Family Holiday in Jordan

On your family holiday in Jordan you will get the chance to explore this beautiful country at a pace that suits your family.  Let us take you into the community to meet other families and give you an insight into local life and customs.  Camp in the beautiful Jordanian outdoors, ride a camel through the sand dunes of Wadi Rum, take a horse tour in Petra, spend time out in the mountains with a shepherd and his flock or try your hand at baking traditional breads – your family holiday in Jordan is sure to be one you won’t forget.

You can also include home stays, cooking and craft workshops, hiking adventures, nature trips and much, much more.  We want you to explore your piece of Jordan the way you want.  As every child and every family are a little different, we will work with you to create the perfect itinerary to suit your needs and interests, we can work around nap times and bed times – no worries!

Laila and Habib
We are also proud to be able to include a children’s storytelling series on our tours (printed copies will be available soon).  “Laila and Habib” is a children’s project in Jordan, working not only to educate children about the the country but also encourage reading and imagination.  When booking your family holiday in Jordan with us we will donate 10% of the profit to the Laila and Habib Project.  The Project’s long term aim is to open Petra’s first Children’s Library.

Here is an example of what your family holiday in Jordan could look like.

Example Itinerary: Family Holiday in Jordan


Day 1: Start your family holiday in Jordan by arriving in the capital, Amman.  After a long journey your guide will be there to welcome you at the airport, offer you any assistance you may need and take you into the city.  Amman was originally build on 7 hills and as you enter the outskirts of the capital this terrain will allow you see the city for miles. Amman is a modern city, ever growing and rejuvenating, full of cafes, galleries and commerce.  It is a city that never sleeps.   Let your guide show you some of Amman’s best eating spots to enjoy dinner and then head to your your hotel for the night.

Day 2: After a relaxing breakfast, meet your guide for a day to explore Amman.  Amman is a bustling modern city with wonderful historical and cultural gems to be found amongst the new high rise developments.  Downtown Amman, once the area of the entire city, is now considered the historical root of the city.  It’s a wonderful place to begin to understand Jordan.

Your first stop on your family holiday in Jordan will be Amman’s Roman amphitheater, with 6,000 seats this second century Roman Amphitheater is understandable one of Ammans most famous landmarks.ere you guide will read you “Laila and Habib – Amman with Marv the Pigeon”. Here your guide will set up a treasure hunt for you and your family.

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Enjoy lunch in downtown Amman before heading to one of Ammans pottery workshops to create a unique item to take home with you.

After a wonderful day in Amman, a short drive out of the city will find you in Dibeen, a beautiful forest and nature reserve in the north of Jordan. Stopping for dinner along the way, you will spend the night in a family run eco farm house.
Day 3: The farm house is the home to an array of livestock, chickens, goats, ducks and geese to name some. Enjoy a simple organic breakfast at the farmhouse before spending the morning exploring the farm. This unique family run farm aim to show people how important simple, organic and sustainable living is.  Choose from lending your hand with the current harvest, hike around the surrounding area, go searching for wolf tracks, help the shephed with his sheep and much more. A simple picnic lunch will be provided for you to enjoy.

After lunch take a short drive to Jaresh. Just outside of the modern city of Jaresh lies the ruins of the
walled Greco-Roman settlement of Gerasa. Your guide will read “Laila and Habib: Jaresh with Lulu the Emperor
Scorpian” before exploring the site together. Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant before heading back to the
farmhouse for a restful night sleep.
Day 4: After breakfast it is time to say goodbye to the farm and make the journey down south to Petra. You will
have time to relax at your hotel before heading out to learn how to make shrak bread. After watching
the skillfulness of your host, it will be time for all the family to give it a go. Sit down with your host and their family
family and enjoy dinner together with your freshly baked bread.
Day 5: Today your guide will read you “Laila and Habib: Glen the Tortoise visits Petra” before heading into the
site itself. Start with a short horse ride before walking down Petra’s famous Siq (horse and carriage is
available at this point if needed). Explore as far as your legs (or the little legs with you) can carry you
before before enjoying a picnic lunch. We will provide some sand toys to keep your little ones busy before you head back up the Siq.  The afternoon will be yours to relax and explore the town. Tonight dinner will be hosted by a local family.
Day 6: After breakfast take a trip to the Wadi Musa Ladies Society, here you will get the change to create your
own piece of mosaic and enjoy a freshly prepared lunch with your teachers.
After lunch head further south to the what is known as the Valley of the Moon. Wadi Rum, is Jordans largest
valley and is a dessert with a sense of timelessness. Laila and Habib will be around again to help teach
you about this magnificent place – here your guide will read “Laila and Habib: Wadi Rum with Jasper the
Camel” – you will then be taken on a ride through the sand dunes of Wadi Rum – after all no trip to the
desert or family holiday in Jordan would be complete without a camel ride! Head to your campsite for dinner
and a night under the stars

175 2005-10-19 ATG caravan
Day 7: This morning you will head to the Dead Sea to enjoy a day of swimming (and floating!) on the last day of
your family holiday in Jordan.
Day 8: Say goodbye to your guide and to Jordan – it is time to head home!

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