With the Jordanian hospitality being legendary it is not surprising that food plays a big role in everyday life. To taste Jordanian food will tantalise your taste buds, but we invite you to go further. On our 3 Day Tours of Petra we invite you to travel Jordan through food, shop in the local market place, visit local farms and participate in the seasons’ harvest and learn to cook traditional cuisine with the best teachers possible, the people themselves.


Three days in Petra – A Cuisine Based Eco Experience Weekend

(Staying at a local Bed and Breakfast)

Day 1 Arrive at your Petra accommodation and enjoy a cup of tea with your host, relax after your journey and get ready for the evening’s Dining Experience.

Evening – A Moglooba Family Dining Experience

Make your way to the home of a local family and let them show you their secrets to the perfect Moglooba. Literally translating to mean “Upside Down” this delicious dish is made with layers of Chicken, deep-fried vegetables and rice in a saucepan.

When it’s ready to serve, the saucepan is turned upside down so that the chicken is now on top and the rice on the bottom. No one can refuse a second helping! You will enjoy your freshly prepared meal with your hosts, getting to know them better, before heading back to your accommodation for the night.

Additional Evening Option – Petra by Night
The Petra by Night Show is a magical introduction to the rose red city.  Lit by 1,500 candles, you will begin your experience by walking the entire Siq to find yourself standing in front of the candle lit Treasury.  The impact is breathtaking and you may well find yourself reflecting on the ancient people and their ability to create this beautiful, ingenious, once influential city.
Petra by Night begins at 20:30 at the Petra Visitor Centre.  You will arrive back at the Visitors Centre around 22.30.  Tickets are not included in this package. They are available from the Petra Visitors Centre until 16.00 at a cost of 17JD per person.  If you are arriving after 16.00 we can purchase tickets for you – just let us know beforehand.

Day 2 After enjoying a light breakfast at your accommodation you will make your way to begin your lesson in preparing a traditional Jordanian breakfast.

Morning – Making a Jordanian Breakfast

Your host will show you how to make different breakfast dishes – falafel, hummus, foul and more. With fresh bread from a local shop your breakfast will be complete!

There’s an old saying in Jordan:

“Even when you’re full, you can still always eat 40 more bites of food.”

This is not about over indulgence but rather it is a reflection on Jordanian hospitality and generosity and the significance of food in the Jordanian culture.

Afternoon  – Explore Petra

After breakfast – or should we say ‘brunch’ – it will be time for you to get ready for a full afternoon exploring Petra with your local guide. Entry tickets to Petra are not included in this package. After all of your walking, hiking and exploration, enjoy time relaxing at your Petra accommodation before you try your hand at cooking the Jordanian way.

Evening – Become A Jordanian Chef and Try Your Hand at Shrak Bread

Dinner tonight will be Chicken Mansaf. Mansaf is Jordan’s national dish and at some point in time during your stay in Jordan someone is certain to ask you, “… and, do you like Mansaf!?” Everyone loves it here and they hope that you will as well!  After tonight you can certainly impress those who ask by saying that you know how to make this national favourite.

Your Jordanian chef will assign tasks to you as preparation for the meal gets underway. One of the great bonuses of a cooking class like ‘Become a Jordanian Chef’ is the energy that is generated in the kitchen as wonderful traditional food is being cooked. The basic ingredients of Mansaf are chicken (or meat) cooked in a sauce made from reconstituted dried yoghurt and served with boiled rice and shrak bread. This evening your Mansaf will have a special bonus – freshly made Shrak – made by you, your group and your Jordanian Chef. This means you will not only get the chance to assist with the Mansaf but also watch (and try for yourselves!) the skilfulness of shrak being stretched and thrown over skillets that have been seasoned with fires too numerous to count.

Day 3 Take a short drive to Al Hay, an abandoned village just outside of Wadi Musa, once the summer home for the towns’ residents.  Then discover what it’s like to be a shepherd – and how it’s changed little over the centuries.

Morning – Be a Shepherd – Eat in the Great Outdoors

Explore the area of Al Hay. Then make your way to meet one of the local shepherds to learn about one of Jordan’s most beautiful professions.

A shepherd’s work starts early. In the hills around Petra and Wadi Musa, shepherds head off, with the flock falling into line, each with their place. Along with the bleating of the sheep and gentle guttural “Hey, Hey” of the shepherd it creates a “symphony of the hills”.

The shepherd will demonstrate how the sheep move to the clanging of the bells. Watch the shepherd expertly milk a few sheep. The fresh milk will be heated over a fire, and with plenty of sugar added you will have the opportunity to taste this sweet drink. A pot of Jordanian tea will also be freshly brewed if the milk isn’t quite to your taste.

Cooking in the Great Jordanian Outdoors

Before departing Petra you will cook one final meal – Galayah Bandoora (fresh tomatoes and spices cooked over an open fire). Galayah is a simple, yet wonderfully delicious meal.  It is even better when cooked outdoors on the fire, it’s pure dining heaven!

When your Galayah is finished cooking, you will be shown how to tear bread the Jordanian way, using it to scoop up the Galayah. Other traditional sides such as labeneh, zait and zaatar will accompany the Galayah and the fresh bread. More tea will be served.

Each itinerary can be tailored around you and the time of year you visit, the time you have available, your budget and your interests.To book the above program or create your customised itinerary please contact us