With the Jordanian hospitality being legendary it is not surprising that food plays a big role in everyday life. To taste the food will tantalise your taste buds, but we invite you to go further. Take a journey with us to learn local meals by cooking in Petra with the best teachers possible, the people themselves.

Jordanians believe that to cook beautiful food you must feel inspired and content. You will be cooking in Petra in the best place possible – your “Chefs”  home. Here you learn how to create and cook your meal surrounded by the warmth and smiles that is Jordanian hospitality.

Your local English speaking host will meet you at a designated meeting point, and accompany you to the location of your cooking in Petra experience.

On arrival you will be greeted by your Local “Chef” for your cooking in Petra – Become a Jordanian Chef Experience. You will be served Jordanian tea on arrival.

Your Chef will assign tasks to you as the preparation for the meal gets underway. Cooking in Petra has an energy in the kitchen, work together and take the chance to get to know your host as you chat with them about their life. Try your hand at learning the names of the ingredients in Arabic which is sure to impress your guests when you recreate the meal once you are back home.

Try as you might your host won’t let you help clean up, so sit back and enjoy spending time with the host’s family whilst the meal is cooking.

It will then be time to enjoy the wonderful meal that you have just prepared. After cooking in Petra you will sit down with your host, your “Chef”, and any of “Chef’s” family members who are around, and eat until you think you are full. Only, the local family will insist that you eat more! Al-ḥamdu lillāh is a phrase you will want to remember when cooking in Petra. Saying this when your host is insisting you eat yet another serving will save your very satisfied stomach. You will be met with the response of Sahtein (to your health).

Jordanian tea will be served to finish off your cooking in Petra experience. Your local host will then arrange for you to go back to your accommodation.

Become a Jordanian chef experience takes around 3-4 hours, and can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner.

You may choose from the following meal choices:

Maglooba: Cooking in Petra would not be complete without Maglooba. Literally translating to mean “Upside Down”; this delicious dish is made with layers of Chicken, vegetables and rice in a saucepan. To serve the saucepan is turned upside down so that the chicken is now on top and the rice on the bottom. No one can refuse a second helping! (Can be made with no chicken upon request).

Seneyah:  A favourite home-cooked meal of marinated chicken and vegetables that is cooked in the oven .

Mansaf: No trip to Jordan is complete without trying the National Dish of Mansaf. Chicken is cooked in a sauce made from reconstituted dried yoghurt and served with boiled rice and shrak bread.

*There is a surcharge if you would like to make Mansaf using lamb. Please enquire when booking. For vegetarians we can offer an alternate dish using the yoghurt sauce.

Ask us too about the opportunity to finish off your meal with desserts made by local women.

Included in your Eco Experience:

  • Tea on arrival
  • Cooking in Petra inside the kitchen of a local family with your own local “Chef”.
  • A local English speaking host who will translate and assist during your cooking in Petra experience.
  • Ingredients for the meal to be prepared.
  • Consumption of the meal you prepared, including Jordanian tea and 1 soft drink per person
  • Drinking Water (filtered drinking water will be provided)
  • Organization/ booking fee.

Not included in your Eco Experience:

  • Other meals and drinks not mentioned above.
  • Transfers to/from the location off your cooking in Petra experience, to/from an agreed meeting point in Wadi Musa.
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses.
  • Local desserts (please contact us if you would like to include this option)


  • Price: 1 Person 45JD, 2+ People 35JDpp
  • Duration: Approx 3-4 hours
  • Transport: Not Included
  • Available: All Year for Lunch or Dinner (Lunch not available during Ramadan)