Introducing Laila and Habib, and the Brummie Tortoise

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By Stephanie Altwassi


If you’ve read the About section on our site you will know that the inspiration behind A Piece of Jordan began with us wanting to create souvenirs for young travellers. Something we always hoped to do was create fun books for kids, teaching them about Jordan through storytelling. We put the idea on the back burner waiting for inspiration. Meanwhile over in the UK, my good friends Sarah and James welcomed Glen the tortoise into their home – but Glen is no ordinary tortoise. With his own FB page updating his followers about his latest adventures with basil, I think it’s fair to say he is one of the most spoiled tortoises there is. Whilst teasing Sarah and James about not coming to visit us, a joke about Glen being cooler than them (which I suppose is actually true!) began, and our story inspiration was born – ‘Laila, Habib and the Brummie Tortoise’. Laila and Habib are our beautiful handpuppets which you can purchase at – you never know, we could be adding a Glen one day soon!

Below is a snippet of what’s to come, but first a picture of the real Glen …..

glen 2

Glen the Brummie tortoise was desperate for a holiday,
He asked James and Sarah, but they kept saying ‘Glen not today’!
So Glen decided to go alone and he knew just the place,
He packed his bags and off he went, excitement all over his face!

In Glen’s secret tortoise lair his plane was good to go;
Petra, Jordan was his destination there’s no way he was going slow!
Jabel Haroun also Aaron’s tomb Glen found a spot to land,
His friends waiting so eagerly with a tortoise made of sand.

With excited smiles Laila and Habib were ready on horseback;
Galloping down the steep mountain, Glen loved his very first hack.
As they toed into Wadi Musa, the town his friends call home,
People greeted them ‘Salam’ – Glen knew he’d never be alone.

In Petra food was plentiful, Glen wasn’t sure what to do,
Dates, pomegranate, apricot and figs – just some foods that were new!
His stomach full and much to see, Glen found a place to rest,
In the home of Laila and Habib, his Jordanian friends were the best!


We would love to hear your feedback and if anyone is interested in helping us out with illustrations that would be amazing as, well….here was my best attempt…


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