A Piece of Jordan’s Eco Experiences are great fun, highly interactive and designed to fully immerse you in the local culture of Wadi Musa/Petra. We utilise a local English speaking host, who can show you a side of Jordanian life that you might otherwise not get to see. This Useful information will help you to prepare for your experience. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Our experiences are designed to be accessible to everyone. In saying that please advise us if you have any particular needs, as the houses and sites that we will be using do not have disabled access. Some of the local houses that we use are accessed through flights of stairs, so please advise when booking if this will be difficult for you and we can arrange an alternative location to accommodate your needs.

Our outdoor experiences may involve a bit of walking/trekking on uneven and rocky surfaces. Please advise if you have any difficulty with rough terrain and we will do our best to find a solution.

None of our eco experiences require any particular fitness level. Walking of short distances will be required for our outdoor experiences.

For all horse riding experiences a Consent and Disclosure form will need to be signed by all participants before the commencement of the ride.

With the exception of the “Be a Shepherd” and “Horseriding” Experiences our experiences do not include transport. You are welcome to use your own transportation or we can arrange transfers to and from your Petra accommodation for you. Please advise when booking if this is required and we will provide prices and gladly book this for you.

For our “Be a Shepherd” Experience, the location of the flock is often reached through back roads which are rough and not suitable for most cars. We have therefore included transport in 4×4 vehicles.

Please advise us of any dietary requirements or allergies when bookings so we can ensure that all food and drinks provided are suitable for your needs. In addition to the food and drinks listed as inclusions, adequate filtered water will be provided on all our experiences.

Ramadan occurs in the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar. For 2016 the dates are approximately 6th June to the 5th July. It is an exciting (and at times, frustrating,) time to travel in the Middle East. In the evenings there is a celebratory atmosphere as people come together to break their fast and to be involved is a true cultural experience.

For all Muslims, and our local families, people will be fasting from dawn until sunset. This means they refrain from drinking, eating, smoking and sexual activity during these hours. Whilst you are not required, or expected to fast, please understand that fasting for long hot days can mean the speed of everyday life is somewhat slowed. Being aware of the challenges of those fasting, keeping a smile on your face and maintaining a sense of patience will go a long way.

For our Eco Experiences that involve eating with and/or cooking a meal with a local family, only evening meals will be offered.The Dining in the Great Outdoors Experience will not be available in Ramadan. All of our other experiences will be offered as normal. If you are undertaking an experience in the morning that includes a meal, a delicious picnic style lunch will be provided.

The local community are excited to welcome you into their homes, to see and experience the real Jordan. Away from the site of Petra, life in the town of Wadi Musa is traditional and probably quite different to what you are used to. Keep an open mind, relax and enjoy.

In Jordan it is customary for men and women, (outside of the immediate family,) to eat separately, and depending on the layout of the home you will be entering, for them to eat in separate rooms. Please do not see this as old fashioned but instead as an opportunity for you to be privileged to be part of it. Its a great time for you to ask questions of your hosts who will open up and talk freely, without feeling conscious in front of the other gender. Don’t worry we won’t leave you on your own. If your English speaking host is a male then we will make sure that there is an English speaking women available to come and eat with female guests and the women of the family (or vice versa).

Many Muslims will not make physical contact with the opposite sex that are not a part of their immediate family. Please do not be insulted if your hosts of the opposite don’t shake your hand to greet you. Instead you can place your right hand over your heart and say Salam Ai laykum and this gesture will be reciprocated in turn.

Offering your hand to shake between the same sex is perfectly acceptable when greeting people.

Wear comfortable clothes and if you are partaking in an outdoor experience we recommend study shoes and a hat. Our eco experiences operate all year around and in the winter months it can be cold so a warm jacket and clothes will be needed.

To respect the local people’s way of life we ask that you do not wear clothing above the knees and that your shoulders are covered.

You are more than welcome to take photos during your eco experience with one consideration. Please speak to your English speaking host beforehand as some locals may not feel comfortable having their photo taken. For those who do not wish for their faces to be photographed you may take pictures of their hands. A great gesture is to show a few photos that you take at the start to ensure everyone is happy.

Our “Write your Own Culinary Story” Experience has been designed to take advantage of seasonal produce, highlighting the best that is available in the area. For example, making Diwali will only available in the Spring months when Diwali leaves are plentiful. Have no fear though, if you didn’t want to make the meal that is offered for a particular season you are free to choose another delicious Jordanian meal from the list.

Our experiences are designed to be available all year around. Please note though that our outdoor experiences might be subject to availability due to extreme weather conditions. In these circumstances if you have already booked we will contact you to arrange an alternative or modified experience. The Dining in the Great Jordanian Outdoors Experience will not be available in Ramadan.

Most of our experiences require 24 hours advance notice when booking. Please contact us if it is less than 24 hours notice to see if we are able to accommodate your request, or we might be able make alternative suggestions.

Tipping is not required as the English speaking host and local families are receiving a fair payment for their services. If however you would like to tip you host and/or family you are more than welcome to do so. A guideline is 2-5JD for your host and/or family but please feel free to your own discernment.

Travel insurance is not included in any of the experiences.

For people travelling alone we need to add a single supplement, so that we are able to pay our local families a fair rate. Our “Farm Day” and “Write your Own Culinary Story” experiences require a minimum of two people. Please enquire if there is an existing booking that you might be able to join if you are interested in these experiences. We are happy to suggest alternate eco experiences or combine some into a one day program to suit your interests.

All eco experiences need to be paid for in cash, in Jordanian Dinar. Payment can be made to your host at the start of the experience. We do not have any facilities to accept electronic payments.

A Piece of Jordan is committed to providing real and meaningful benefits to our local community. One of our aims is to help out those members of our community that are in need. You might like to consider adding a donation to your eco experience payment. These donations will be collected and allocated on a monthly basis to help those less fortunate with food packages, clothing or other items as identified. You can follow our charity work through our social media platforms.

We value and appreciate all feedback from our clients as it helps us to make the eco experiences the best we can. Please use the contact form on the Contast Us page of our website or email us at info@apieceofjordan.com

If you would like to let others know about the fantastic time that you had on your eco experience you might consider providing a review on Trip Advisor.

A Piece of Jordan is able to provide these eco experiences in conjunction with our Licensed Travel Agent Partner, Jordan History Tours and Travel.